Wednesday, 29 February 2012

2012? Already?

Oh wow, have I negelected this little baby of mine.

Never did end up on the cruise ship. Still working. And studying. And acting.

No new adventures to report, which is just sad.


Monday, 29 August 2011

Anchors Aweigh

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a year! That's mental and yet totally understandable. Since moving back to South Africa, life has taken on a certain pattern that can be seen as a slump.
I've got an office job that I'm starting to hate. I work, I got home, I have a few drinks and watch tv before going to sleep.

That's it.

Next week I turn 27. And it scared me. What the hell was I doing wasting my 20s away in an office when I should be seeing the world?

So I've made a very big decision - I've decided to go work on a cruise ship. Hopefully forever.

So far, the list of requirements is scary. I'm going to have to lose half my office sponsored body weight. So I've moved the healthwalker into the tv room and plan to start walking. I may have to quit drinking too...hmmm.

In the meantime, I've been tentatively accepted to study through the University of London! So i'm going for the impossible - earn a degree while working 12 hour days trapped on a tin boat in the middle of the ocean. I can totally do it.

First challenge - let's see how long i can keep this new job. My boss is a Swiss nutcase!


Tuesday, 09 February 2010

With Enough Red Bull...

I can get my work done and still pull through tomorrow without sleeping.

Yeah, it's been a while, but blogger is blocked at work and home internet is just not happening.

I somehow talked myself into a second job which is physically straining and a general pain if it wasn't for the money, free Red Bull and unlimited internet.

I'm also studying this year - as soon as my course material comes through.

All this while working a very demanding full time job that eats my brain and my life.

To be honest, I miss blogging, but my life is SA isn't nearly as interesting as my exploits in London, so I'm working my ass off to get back there. Recession? What recession?

In the meantime, I'll try not to die of boredom.


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Me, Again

I know I haven't blogged here in forever, but internet access is few and far between.

But I'm still alive and still not sleeping.

New hobby! I found LiveJournal and have been sucked into fandom and the writing of fiction.

Wish me luck!


Monday, 16 February 2009

Monday, 02 February 2009

Open letter to Suits in Media Companies

Dear suits at Warner and Viacom

Fuck you very much in the ear for removing my favourite music videos from youtube.

Not everyone in the world has the luxury of owning cable or the accessibilty to iTunes.

I hope you get throttled by your ties.



Thursday, 29 January 2009


Since coming back from the UK, my ephedrine connection has been lost. Which means I'm not hyper all day anymore.

Which is ok, as my job isn't as insane as it was in London. I work normal hours, behind a computer, on a cushy office chair with numerous smoke breaks. After sic months, my system has learnt to deal with this and I now get some sleep.

Well, not really sleep. More like a snooze with intense dreams as my brain hasn't yet figured out how to shut down when I close my eyes. Also - not having internet at home, means that I can't surf until the sun rises - which i'll totally do.

Its a bit of a double edged sword really - stay up all night only to crash at 3pm at my desk or go to bed at a reasonable hour and still crash at my desk by 3pm.

Maybe its because I'm bored. Bored stupid! and my brain is trying to be proactive in keeping me on my toes until I'm intellectually stimulated again.

Who knows?

All I know is that at this moment, sitting at my desk, watching my inbox fill up really quickly, I would rather be at home sleeping on my couch with my cat on my stomach.